Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Mandatory reporting laws of domestic violence for healthcare providers could be an important step forward as well to protect children witnesses. These laws are still controversial, and those who oppose them usually do so out of concern that it will dissuade women from seeking medical help – not to mention a risk of retaliation – and is too much of an attempt to control the life of an adult (Culross 115). However, these mandatory reporting laws would allow doctors who see signs of domestic abuse to bring in child protective services, which is a first step to protecting children who witnessed domestic violence (Culross 115). Increasingly, many believe that Child Protective Services should intervene on behalf of children who witness domestic violence (Appel 231). Historically, despite the aforementioned overlap, these programs have been very divided with Child Protectice Services only focusing on the children and domestic violence programs only focusing on the abused victims (Findlater 84). Some opponents fear that just like mandatory reporting laws, these could put the children and t...

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