Saturday, February 1, 2020

Observing or Reading the Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Observing or Reading the Behavior - Essay Example According to him home makes him feel more relaxed and studies can be done in relaxed and calm environment. The peace of mind that he gets at home could not be available anywhere else. He is able to concentrate better in the familiar and relaxed surrounding of his home rather than a public place like library where people keep on moving around. Movement of people can be a cause of distraction. Since people in a library are mostly strangers and strangers make him self conscious. At home the presence of siblings does not matter as they keep themselves busy with their own chores. He also acknowledged that there might not be other books and references available at home instantly if he needs them. However, he can make use of Internet for the references and other relevant material at home. Also he thinks he could easily take a break from say continuous study of two hours and watch TV or listen to his favorite songs and resume his studies. At library continuous studies can cause exhaustion as mind needs breaks every now and then. He also considers the fact the one can sit in a relaxed easy manner at home while at library one has to sit in a well-mannered and socially acceptable way. Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs devised this method commonly called Myers Briggs Test based on the work of Carl Jung. This method has emerged as the widely used test for personality assessment. Like millions of Americans the interviewee has also taken Myers Briggs Test. The test presents a summary of personality. A person's type might be INTJ or ESFP, or some other combination. Like other he was also forced choice questionnaire. The test uses two basic orientations that is E and I for extraversion and introversion two choices for information uptake that is S for sensing and N for intuition, two choices for judgment that is T for thinking and F for feeling, and two choices for decision making that is J for judgment and P for perception. So according to this model people could be extrovert or introvert. The results shoed that the interviewee is an introvert as his model started with I. Te rest of his combination turned out to be INFP. The result therefore finally showed that the interviewee is an introvert and mostly makes his decisions on the basis of his intuition. The person is sensitive and feeling and impulsiveness dominates his personality. Accuracy of Myers Briggs Test Results According to Myers Briggs Test the results were INFP. The interviewee mostly agrees with the overall picture or assessment done as a result of test taken. He himself considers an introvert and Myers Briggs Test also confirm his own views. However for other indicators he has his own reservation. Despite agreeing to his introversion he does not totally agree with other results. For example, he was asked whether he would like to plan an evening beforehand or not. This question could be asked to determine Judgment or Perception traits of a person based on their inclination for planning or impulsiveness. The interviewee though plans well in advance but sometimes remains unable to enjoy or execute his plans due to his spontaneous or impulsive

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